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What is a Hopsimath?

A Hopsimath is a person who starts learning about beer later in life. That's me, and now, you!

(It's also a beer pun on the word opsimath)

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Who are you?

That's me!

Laura Christie, a Certified Cicerone® and a huge fan of beer. Not just the fermented grain beverage itself, but the history of it, the industries around it, and the community it fosters.

In early 2015, armed with a BBA from Texas State University and a bad case of the Mondays from working in the corporate tech world, I chose to dive into the world of craft beer. I joined a ladies' beer appreciation Meetup group called Beer Necessities to start exploring beer bars and breweries around town.

I left the corporate world in mid 2015 and showed up at (then brand-new) 4th Tap Brewing Co-op, helping out with whatever they needed until they hired me. Over 2 1/2 years I worked in the office, taproom, and packaging line doing reporting, sales, events, pilot brews, charity donations, sensory panels, merch, and some really long canning days.  The cross-training I was encouraged to pursue, plus my involvement with the local Pink Boots Society chapter, gave me so many great resources for pursuing a level 2 Cicerone certification.

After becoming a Certified Cicerone® in March 2018, I left 4th Tap to start Hopsimath and spread the word about all things beer!

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